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Portuguese Open 2023

  • Adrian Amey

  • Vojta Mikšovský

  • Michal Stach

  • Martin Lundell

  • Rick Baird

  • Jiří Rimpler

  • Christian Adler

  • António Manuel

  • Cláudio Ching

  • Fernando Chaves

  • João Pinheiro

  • Bruno Claro

  • António Abreu

  • Ananias Quintano

  • André Silva

  • Bernardo Silva

  • Justiniano Cruz

  • António Pinto

  • Armindo Costa

  • Belarmino Soares

  • Carlos Ferreira

  • Costa Silva

  • Francisco Silva

  • Sebastião Campos

  • Filipe Costa

  • Tercio Oliveira

  • Francisco Costa

  • Tiago Carvalhais

  • Helmut Passecker

  • Martin Vodicka

  • Jaime Andrade

  • Joaquim Batista

  • Márcio Miranda

  • José Garcia

  • Duarte Mendes

  • Tiago Costa

  • Martin Cetkovsky

  • Vlastimil Chladek

  • Francisco Bernardo

  • António Branco

  • Manuel Batista

  • Francisco Pereira

  • Miguel Bento

  • Abílio Meneses

  • Armindo Machado

  • Fernando Carneiro

  • Vanette Block

  • Anabela Pereira

  • Fernanda Costa

  • Gracinda Silva

  • Fernanda Manso

  • Sofia Espinola

  • Ligia Dutra

  • Maria Pereira

  • Eva Oliveira

Invitation Letter Header.png


Federação Portuguesa de Minigolfe in association with WMF World Adventure Golf Tour


Rua dos Marmeleiros 5, 8125-507 Quarteira, Portugal

WMF World Adventure Golf Tour

The Portuguese Open 2023 is the tenth event of the WMF World Adventure Golf Tour 2023/2034.

The absolute winner will be awarded with an automatic free qualification in to the WMF World Adventure Golf Tour Final at Bowling Brno on 27th – 28th April 2024.

Every person who participates in the Portuguese Open 2023 will be awarded WMF World Adventure Golf Tour ranking points depending on their absolute position after the sixth round.

The World Adventure Golf Tour organisation does not take any form of payment either from the participating players or from the Minigolf Federation. All services are provided for free.

More information can be found at


The categories are Men and Women.


There will be a Team competition organised exclusively by Federação Portuguesa de Minigolfe.

Teams must be made up of four players in the same minigolf club.

To enter the Team competition players should contact Federação Portuguesa de Minigolfe before the tournament.


Saturday 18th November

8 – 9.30am    Training
9.30 – 10am    Meeting – Demonstration of live scoring app & rules discussion
10am    Tournament start – 3 rounds for all players

Sunday 19th November

8 – 9am    Training
9am    Tournament continues – 2 rounds for all players
1pm    Absolute Final for all players

As all players will be competing in all six of the tournaments rounds, the WAGT Ranking Points and category winners will be decided at the end of the tournament.


Training on Friday before the tournament is included in the entry fee.

You can train on the Monday - Thursday before the tournament for 19.50 EUR total. 


Registration for the tournament shall be done, before end of Saturday 4th November, on the following website:

Registration Fee

The fee to enter the tournament is €26


The winner will receive €250

Live Scoring

To enable people to follow along from the scores at home, and to display realtime scores on the live stream, the WMF World Adventure Golf Tour Mobile App will be used for Live Scoring.


Players will be given an instructional demonstration on how to use the app before the tournament.


All players are asked to bring to the tournament their mobile phone fully charged. No player should have to score more than 2 rounds.


In groups of 3 scoring will be done in the following manner:


  • Player 1 – Uses mobile app

  • Player 2 – Uses a scorecard and pencil that will be provided

  • Player 3 – Does a visual check

Live Streaming

Weather permitting, the tournament will be live streamed with English commentary.


If you do not wish to appear on the live stream please contact the Tour organisation at


WMF MOS (Adventure Golf) rules will be used. These will be emailed to all  registered players on the Thursday before the tournament.

Current Entries

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